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The technology and financial solution for creative industry.

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Financial Summary

Generate project-based revenue and cost recap by the end of each project to ensure profitability.


Budgeting Overview

Create detailed budgets and track costs to avoid overspending.


Project Dashboard

Organize and manage multiple projects by assigning resources, setting deadlines, and tracking progress to optimize efficiency.


Payment Solution

Streamline quote-to-payment process with customizable approval flows for efficient payment request review and approval by multiple stakeholders.


Cashflow Management

Our payment scheduler allows you to plan and track your payments, helping you to effectively manage your cash flow.


Get To Know Our Tools

We designed the tools with ease of use in mind, helping you to focus on what you do best – creating and innovating. 💡

Budgeting Overview

Create detailed budgets, track costs, and generate reports for management to ensure profitability for each project.

Payment Scheduler

Simplify the process of creating quotations, converting it to POs or invoices for timely disbursement.

Payment Approval

Set customizable approval flows to ease the process of reviewing and approving payment requests by multiple stakeholders.

Project Dashboard

Efficiently manage multiple projects by allocating resources and budgets, tracking timelines, and ensuring on-time completion.

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Create project

Choose a name for your project that is descriptive, reflect the scope, and purpose of the work.

It should be clear, concise, and accurately describe the project’s goals and objectives.

Create your budgeting and estimation costs

Identify resources (such as time, money, and materials) needed to complete the project, as well as estimate the costs associated with the resources.

This includes creating a budget for each project, allocating funds to tasks and activities, and creating a cost estimate for the project as a whole.

Track your expenses to stay on budget

As you work on your project, it is important to monitor the actual costs incurred and compare them to the budget and cost estimates.

This helps to ensure that the project stays within the allocated budget and allows for early identification of any potential cost overruns. You can track your expenses using a our intuitive tools easily.

Create reporting by the end of your project to recap

Generate a financial report that summarizes the project’s budget and expenses, as well as the project’s profitability or any other relevant financial metrics.

This information will be valuable for management in making informed decisions about future projects and improving financial performance.

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Finnix has truly been a game-changer for us in the creative industry. We’ve been using their platform to streamline workflows, manage our resources, and stay on top of our finances.

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Why they love Finnix 🫶

Intuitive Design

We design our tools with user-friendliness in mind and strive to make the experience enjoyable and seamless for you.

Save Time

By using our platform, you can : convert, generate reports, track progress etc that enables you to focus on other tasks!

Enabling Collaboration

We understand that creative work often involves collaboration between different teams, so our tools are designed to support that.


We help you get things done.

Try Finnix to maximize your business potential and see the difference it can make. 🚀

Improve Transparency

Keep track of profits and expenses. Stay on budget, manage timely payments, and optimize your earnings for maximum profitability.

Simplify Decision Making

Finnix’s financial summary, project dashboard, and payment solution help you make informed decisions easily and efficiently.

Easy Management

Seamlessly integrate your projects, track budgets, allocate resources & disburse payments on time.

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